You can tell us about your plans to move out by completing an online move-out request form available through the Mynd Resident mobile app or by logging into your account at Completing this form is equivalent to providing the written notice your lease requires.

Designate a point of contact

If you're not the only leaseholder in the household, we'll ask you to designate a move-out point of contact. Security deposit refunds made by ACH bank transfer must be handled in a single transaction. If you choose this delivery method for your deposit return, it's your designated point of contact who will receive the funds.

Initiate your move-out request

To initiate your move-out request, the point of contact for your household should open the Mynd Resident mobile app or login at Then:

  1. open the sidebar menu and select "My Lease"

  2. scroll down and select "Move Out."

From there, simply follow the prompts and provide the requested information.

You'll be asked to tell us:

  • The reason why you're leaving

  • The date you plan to move out

  • Your forwarding address

  • Whether or not you'd like to receive your security deposit statement by email

  • Your preference to receive your deposit refund by check vs. ACH bank transfer. If you choose ACH, we will ask you to provide your bank account information.

Confirming intent to move out

If you have a roommate, all leaseholders in your household must confirm their agreement with the intent to vacate. After the move-out request has been submitted by the point of contact, all other leaseholders may open the Mynd Resident mobile app or login at where they will be prompted to acknowledge and confirm their intent to move-out.